Is solar energy in high demand?

The continued growth of state community solar programs and improvements in state and regional interconnection processes are essential to ensure access to solar energy for all types of homeowners and businesses. While BLS does not have specific wage data for solar industry occupations, BLS is collecting data to measure green jobs. The fixed costs of solar energy are still much higher than those of other developed solar markets around the world. Germany broke its solar generation record on July 17, Bloomberg reported, when a scorching heat wave hit Europe.

Barnett added that, while renewable energies, such as solar energy, are not always a “turnkey solution due to intermittencies,” I do think that the economy is already quite good. The electrical circuit of solar cells is very small and microscopic contamination can render the cell useless. Electricians are responsible for connecting solar panels, the inverter and other equipment to a building's power supply. For example, solar PV installers must have specialized knowledge and training, but many installers have previous experience as roofers, electricians, or construction workers.

Most modern solar cells can only collect 10 to 15 percent of solar energy, and some types of panels are 25 to 30 percent efficient. The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act has dramatically improved the benchmark projections for the solar industry for the next five years. Site evaluators help determine the best type, size and design of solar panels, and help develop plans for installation teams. Utility-scale photovoltaic plants consisting of thousands of solar panels are a more recent occurrence.

Electricians, plumbers and solar PV installers install residential and commercial solar projects. While the projected growth for the next 10 years, driven by anger, causes the solar market to achieve the ambitious clean energy goals set by the industry and the Biden administration, more work is needed to achieve the pace required for a 100% clean energy electrical system. They are responsible for assembling the complex electrical circuits of a photovoltaic panel, as well as assembling the components, such as inverters or controls, that are connected to the solar panels. Solar thermal power plants look more like typical power plants and require the addition of large steam turbines and storage tanks, in addition to a large flat area for the solar array.

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